Alex Kazhdan

Alex Kazhdan, DC, MS, LMT began his healthcare career as a massage therapist in 2004, a major shift from an undergrad background in finance with a degree from Baruch College. Graduating with honors from the Swedish Institute in NYC and becoming licensed nationally and in the state of New York was the first step in the pursuit of what was to grow into a deep and sincere passion for the healing arts and study of the human body and condition.

To further pursue an ability to make a lasting difference in patient care, Dr. Kazhdan chose to study chiropractic for its philosophy of conservative and holistic care, without the use of surgery or medications. In 2010, he received Board Certification from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners to practice chiropractic and obtained license to practice in the state of New York having successfully graduated from Bridgeport University in Connecticut. Continuing his education in healthcare, in 2012 Dr. Kazhdan completed a master’s program in clinical nutrition, recognizing the significant role food plays in well being.

In 2011, Dr. Kazhdan joined Manhattan Wellness Group, sharing an ideology for utilizing the best available researched methods of care along with genuine concern and effort toward each individual patient’s wellness. He has come to understand health as a multi faceted concept, consisting of a constant effort toward improvement and including proper structural alignment of the physical body, exercise, full breathing, proper diet, correct posture and use of the body; nurturing the mind, meditation/mindfulness; emotional balance; and social responsibility. “To be a facilitator of health and well being while practicing what I love is one of my greatest rewards.”

Dr. Kazdhan