What is Bursitis?

Bursitis is a painful condition that affects small fluid-filled pads that cushion your bones and the tendons and muscles near your joints. Bursitis occurs when these pads become inflamed.  The most common locations for bursitis are the shoulder, elbow and hip, joints with increased repetitive movements.

How is it evaluated?

Bursitis can usually be diagnosed based upon your symptoms, like swelling, redness and pain in the infected area and upon examination by a clinician.  A clinician may use a syringe to remove a sample of fluid from the bursa and then examine the fluid with a microscope for bacteria and white blood cells.

Imaging tests, such as ultrasound or an MRI, may also be used if your diagnosis is not clear based upon your medical history and physical examination.

How can you treat bursitis?

Avoid activities that aggravate the problem, rest the injured area and gradually build up to exercise.  Icing the area also helps.  Physical Therapy that includes range of motion exercises is very helpful.

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