dietLets talk shop about healthy snacking, what to pack for those long summer road trips to the beach or your favorite hiking spot.

It’s unfortunate that recent studies found that 27 percent of kids’ diets come from high-fat, high-sugar snacks, and the frequent grazing is directly linked to belly fat accumulation. But, if we can snack smartly, we can slim down.

Here are several tips on how to keep snacking healthy….

Watch the clock

Afternoon snacking was associated with a slightly higher intake of fiber and fruits and vegetables.  Having a bite to hold you over til lunch is common practice, but it has been hound that mid-morning snackers tended to snack more throughout the day than afternoon snackers, resulting in hindered weight-loss efforts.

Keep the muscle in your snack!

Make sure your snack contains protein, which requires more energy to burn than carbs or fats and thus keeps you fuller longer.

Use Smaller Bowls

Take advantage of the visual illusion with belly-friendly bowls or ramekins.  Larger bowls equal larger servings and you don’t realize how much you’ve eaten, choosing to fill up your bowl and empty it without regard for the fact that you may be nearing full in your belly.

Don’t be duped

Just because it says low fat does not mean it’s good for you.  And it also doesn’t mean you should eat more of it just because it’s marked this way.

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