James Yu L.Ac

James Yu is a board- certified, licensed acupuncturist and a second-generation Chinese herbalist with advanced studies in infertility disorders, anxiety, insomnia, and joint pain.  He is the companies co- founder and director.

Born Nov, 1972 in Shanghai China, James Yu worked extensively with herbs since 1996. Mr. Yu got his license in Acupuncture in NYS in 2005 and worked with Pain management and rehabilitation centers and completed an Acupuncture Fellowship at the former St Vincent’s Hospital .

He developed his own “rattling” technique for efficiently eliminating Sciatica nerve pain , neck and shoulder radiating pain and neuro- muscular pain. He also specializes in systematic health disorders such as infertility and menstrual disorders, insomnia and depression.

From 1996 to 2006, the Yu family worked in the columbus circle area. During this 10 years, they helped thousands New Yorkers with their pain and illnesses. James Yu began his practice at 220 Madison Avenue (between 36st and 37st) in 2010.