Sinus Protocol

Chinese herbs and acupuncture help chronic recurrent sinus infections, drastically decreasing the use of antibiotics, thus avoiding the abuse and side effects of antibiotics.

According to Chinese Medicine the head is Yang, fire energy that lives more in the head.  Healthy, energetically balanced people also have strong Yin (water) energy in their abdominal area that balances Yang in the head.

 People that have chronic sinus conditions usually have a deficiency of Yin energies in their lower abdomens.  The anchoring quality of Yin is thus unable to restrain the Yang and an excess amount rises up, like fire, causing various forms of disturbance in the head, neck or shoulders.  This can be exacerbated by mental/emotional imbalances affecting the heart and throat.

 It is usually excess lung energy moving up that inflames the sinuses.  The lungs do this due to a combination of external influences and lack of anchoring by the kidneys or other abdominal organs.

Acupuncture helps even out the energy flow in your body, thus relieving sinus issues.