Sports Massage in Midtown, NYC


Sports Massage is a deep-tissue massage used to activate the muscles for athletic preparation, homeostasis and rehabilitation. Its techniques include, but aren’t limited to, Compression, Stripping, Stretching and Adhesion. What makes a Sport Massage unique is in fact its “deep-tissue” method. The Massage Therapist uses a technique called trigger point therapy to concentrate on a specific area and breakup adhesions, or knots, which may cause stiff joints and muscles.

There are four major types of Sports Massages: Pre-Event, Post-Event, Restorative and Rehabilitation:

  1. Pre-Event Sports Massages. This is a fairly short stimulating massage given before an event that focuses particularly on the parts of the body that are going to be exercised.
  2. A Post-Event Sport Massage. This specific massage is used to stabilize the body’s tissues within an hour or two of the event.
  3. A Restorative Sport Massage. This is given during training to allow the athlete to train efficiently while avoiding injury.
  4. A Rehabilitation Sport Massage. The most common and compulsory Sport Massage. A Rehabilitation Sport Massage is intended to alleviate pain due to injury and recover the body’s wellbeing.

Sport Massage is perfect for athletes or those who physically exercise on a regular. It is a safe and healthy way to optimize performance while maintaining internal balance.