Kinesio Tape Therapy, Sports Taping

Kinesio Taping 
has been used for decades. The recent use by world class athletes and Olympians at the London 2012 Olympic games has brought new media attention to light about this highly effective therapy.  Manhattan Wellness Group advocates the unique properties of this elastic cotton tape that is waterproof and can be applied to any area of the body.  Because the tape is pliable, it differs from the athletic tape used on hands, wrists, and ankles by football players and boxers. That type of tape is rigged and keeps the injured joint from bending to prevent further injury.  Kinesio tape does not inhibit motion, but rather tugs on the skin to improve kinesthetic posture and alignment during  motion and reminds the person to bring their awareness to the specific area. This heightened attentive state is one of the main reasons why we find this tape to be incredibly helpful and very therapeutic.  We believe it’s important to be applied properly over the area being treated after therapy.

We believe Kinesio Taping helps in;

  • Pain relief
  • Supports muscles in movement
  • Keeps joints from misalignment
  • Assists in positioning joints or muscles into position for rehabilitation
  • Improves kinesthetic awareness of posture

Manhattan Wellness Group utilizes Kinesio taping to support his treatment plan for neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain.  There are different protocols and techniques in applying Kinesio Tape for each painful area.  Since there are numerous  benefits to Kinsesio Taping and our staff are highly experienced with this therapy, we invite you to stop by to our offices in Midtown Manhattan or Brooklyn Heights to get an evaluation and diagnosis to receive the individual treatment protocol just for you.